Age is never a factor: Five quirky things you can do to relive your youth

You are growing old and you are much more relaxed with no responsibilities to take! You like the feeling or maybe not and somehow wish that your days weren’t as calm and mundane as they are now! So, who said that you need to be relaxed and calm when you are old? On the contrary, this is the time to make some noise! With fewer responsibilities to burden you, these are the perfect days to make use of! If you have been longing for the happy and energetic days of your youth, then go for it! Who’s stopping you? Here are five fun ways you can feel the zing of happy youth:

  • Go for a fashion makeover: If you have been in your ‘grandma’ or ‘grandpa’ mode in terms of your attire, go for a makeover. Yes, you heard it right – a makeover! Change your hairstyle, if you dye your hair choose a different color this time; opt for a younger look. Say goodbye to the clothes that make you look ‘too old’ – choose different clothes which are convenient to wear, carry and look cool as well! Instagram is full of stories of grandmoms who underwent a magic transformation in their late sixties and seventies – just because they wished to look different.
  • Be a social-media pro: Connect with the world and see your loneliness vanish away! Have your own Instagram or Facebook page. Be active. If you have some excellent hobbies or skills like cooking or painting showcase them to the world – make reels, and videos and post them. You would soon be surprised by the number of followers you would have!
  • Create a nostalgia-themed group: Making groups is easy today. You can choose both online or offline mode. If you are staying in an apartment or complex and there are a few senior members then it is a perfect opportunity to create a group. If you are unable to do a lot of movement, create an online group. Keep the theme as ‘nostalgia’ and let it hit the happy button of memories for others too! From songs of your times to school and college days – conversations would be endless. It would not just keep you engaged but others too!
  • Learn a new skill: If the word ‘learning’ is giving you a setback of sorts then let us tell you that every day a large number of senior members enroll for some sort of learning or the other! From art classes to singing – there are special provisions made for the senior citizens to join in! Classes these days are conducted online too. So, unleash the Van Gogh in you, or let the world hear the one who was hailed for her singing skills in her younger days! Trust us, no one would raise eyebrows or laugh at you because this is what is trending. Infact, many youngsters feel very happy to accommodate a senior friend in their team! Enroll once and watch your age travel the reverse way!
  • Lend a helping hand: Yes, you can be of help to others too. We understand that you need help yourself and find it impossible to believe that you can be of help to others! But you can! There are many NGOs that look for senior members to support them. You can help them with your skills. From old-age homes to orphanages, your little help can mean a lot to them. Add a new meaning to your life. Your help can mean a lot of happiness to others!

Your age is not your burden, it is your advantage! The sooner you realize that, the better it is for you! Take it upon yourself to make your old age the happiest period of your lifetime! There are thousands who are doing so – every day! These were just five different ideas, options are limitless. And if you are wondering how to go about it then we are here to help you and guide you! We at ‘Divinus Care’ want to see you smiling and we are ready to walk that extra mile with you! Trust us to help you sail through the best years of your life with dignity and love!