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Elder Care Services – the need beyond needs

Divinus Care’ is all about providing Elder Care Services beyond the precincts of professional services in and around Kolkata. We at Divinus Care, understand that while our professional careers progress forward, it is also necessary to ensure appropriate care for our parents and family members who may be in a different city altogether. But, Elder Care Services is not simply about meeting the needs of the Senior Citizens staying alone. It is about understanding their craving for companionship. Divinus Care is the perfect answer to this. It is a solution to dignified living by the elderly without compromising on their need for a comfortable and stress-free life.




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On a quite lane in South Kolkata, a house tucked away in a corner is buzzing with activity from early morning. Mrs. Kabita Dutta Gupta a state Govt. retired employee, strong enough to stay alone in a metropolitan city like Kolkata, being her only daughter staying far away from her in Dubai. The First member who trusted our words in the journey which we started in 2020.

And what keeps her busy? Her love for “Laddu Gopal” and her passion for Cooking. Together with these the thought of the mangoes getting stolen from her backyard keeps her engaged during the summers.

For her, age is just a number. She has embraced technology in various ways in her daily activities. Be it cooking her delicious Paneer recipe in microwave or online purchase of dress for her Gopal with our caregiver’s help, she is ever enthusiastic.

Sharing her simple yet mouthwatering Paneer recipe for all.

Make a smooth paste of 50 gm Cashew, 10 Almonds, 5 Raisins, 25 gms Poppy seeds, 1 tspn white sesame seeds, salt to taste & water. Add the paste to 500 gms Cream Paneer along with 75ml Mustard Oil and 4 slit green chilies. Cook it in Microwave in low temperature for 7 to 8 mins and your delicious Paneer is ready to serve.


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