Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease is one of the biggest challenges of the aging and the aged population today. The occurrence of Alzheimer’s across the world is estimated to be around 24 million, while the figure of those affected with Dementia is around 55 million. The most difficult part of the disease is that they affect the quality of daily life for the elders. Small & regular activities seems extremely challenging. At the same time loss of memory and forgetfulness can often impose challenges to their lifestyle. The constant care by our caregiver ensures early intervention so that serious health issues can be avoided.

    What we provide:
    • Trustworthy, dependable caregivers with experience in handling Dementia or Alzheimer’s patient.
    • Regular visits to physicians and monitoring as per doctor’s advice
    • Involving in mind stimulation activities and games to keep them alert and active.
    • Goal oriented Physiotherapy
    • Spend quality time with the seniors along with basic parameter-monitoring
    • Dementia and Alzheimer care evaluation and guiding the family to deal with the situation.
    • Accompanying them for outdoor activities to improve socialization.
    • Engaging them in Art & Music and other holistic approaches as part of dementia care.