This is the perfect age for you! Open an Instagram account and post your selfies with your morning walk buddies. Have a group call on zoom with your grandchildren staying in another city. Create a blog for yourself. Yes, you would need modern gadgets like mobile phones and laptops. Gift yourself one today! And if all those configurations and features confuse you – we are here to help! Our technical experts would help you in every possible way. From buying new gadgets to repairing your old ones – our technical assistance is just a call away!

Due to lack of knowledge and unfamiliarity with technology, many senior citizens are hesitant to use these services. We handhold them to operate the gadgets and navigate the online platforms like banking, shopping, Zoom call or Skype to help them to be independent.


    What we provide:
    • Guidance in purchasing new gadgets
    • Assistance in operating gadgets and navigate online transactions
    • Help in troubleshooting
    • Coordination in servicing of gadgets
    • CCTV Setups