Old age makes it challenging to manage little needs on the home front. At ‘Divinus Care’ we well understand this. Our Home Management Services are designed to cater to the everyday needs of seniors. All these services ensure a comfortable domestic life for them.

Every home needs multiple arrangements. From buying groceries to home care to cleaning – there are unlimited needs for every household. When you are staying alone, it could be overwhelming; especially if your age is not exactly on your side! Rely on us to make your home a cozy family space as you comfortably watch your tele series while munching on your favourite snacks! Don’t end up having a simple soup just because there is no one to go to the market! We can manage your home needs and keep your worries away!

    What we provide:
    • Arrangements for purchase of groceries, daily needs and medicines
    • Co-ordination for home cleaning and pest control.
    • Co-ordination for home needs like plumbers, Carpenters and electricians.